Growth in the Witzenmann Group


The Witzenmann Group continued its growth in 2018. By September 2018 the corporate group had earned revenues of €475 million. This is €11.6 (2.5%) more than in the same period the previous year.
In tandem with its continuing strong sales of components for passenger and utility vehicles, the Witzenmann Group is investing in product diversification. Examples of this include the foundation of the Aerospace business division at the Pforzheim site or the development of the business by opening up new applications and industrial production at sites in Asia.

Automotive business still strong – Utility vehicles very positive
As already in the previous year, the business with decoupling elements and motor cables is developing positively at a high level. The demand for flexible elements for the utility vehicle segments continues to pick up again and exceeded expectations.
The positive trend in industrial business worldwide has also proved durable. Growth has been apparent in chemicals, refineries and the fittings industry. The internationalisation of the industrial divisions continued to progress and is showing its first successes.

Investment rate up again
In 2018, the Witzenmann Group raised its investment again to more than €54 million (2017: €43 million; 2016 €36 million). This corresponds to an investment rate of 8%.
Alongside the global development of the industrial business, a significant share of investment is continuing to flow into component production for automotive applications.

Number of employees increases
At the end of September there were 4,614 employees working for the corporate group. This is 273 people (6%) more than at the end of 2017.
Around 45% of employees work in the German companies, now significantly more than 33% in the rest of Europe and around 22% in subsidiaries in America and Asia.
It was the east European subsidiaries that experienced the greatest growth in employee numbers. The stable number of employees in the local companies testifies to their central role.

Pforzheim: Buchbusch branch close to completion
Witzenmann GmbH is the largest production site in the Witzenmann Group and undertakes important coordination tasks as a skills and development centre.

The production plant in Pforzheim North is almost complete. The conveniently located plant brings together four production facilities for utility vehicles that were previously in different places. Exactly one year after work began on 13 October 2017, the move is largely complete. The new construction on a site of approximately 20,000 m² includes 4,000 m² for production, 2,000 m² for warehousing and 1,100 m² for office and technical areas. The self-supporting hall structure offers sufficient room for a manufacturing layout with optimised sequences and processes.

Internet of Things – Opportunities from digitalisation
New opportunities and new fields of activity for Witzenmann may also emerge from the digital transformation. Witzenmann has authored an expansion joint survey, exploring these ideas, for example: intelligently linked sensors enabling continuous, real-time analysis of the operating state. This allows better planning or lengthening of maintenance cycles, for example, reducing system costs.

Semi-conductor industry growth market
The Witzenmann Group is currently opening up a new growth market: the semi-conductor industry. Hoses and bellows for high-vacuum applications are in demand from OEMs and machine manufacturers. They must satisfy the strictest purity requirements. Appropriate infrastructure for cleaning and testing is currently being built at the Pforzheim main site.


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