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Large engines
Based on our extensive product range, precisely-fitting curved pipe elements for large engines are created in conjunction with the customer

Large engines

Large engines and gas engines are mainly used as ship drives or stationary aggregates and may be diesel or gas variants or duel fuel aggregates. As the engines are also used for stationary power generation, robustness and an extremely long lifespan are important quality criteria for our flexible pipe elements.

An overview of our products for large engines

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Supply Lines

In most cases, flexible metal hoses are used for the supply line to the engine. Their high flexibility makes them easy to fit, they absorb movements and vibration, and at the same time they are pressure resistant and media-tight.

Fields of application:

  • gas supply lines
  • compressed air pipe
  • cooling water
  • lubricating oil line
Product overview for vehicle parts in the exhaust system
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Pipes and Pipe Assemblies

Flexible pipe elements are used on the engine for absorbing engine movements, thermal expansion, vibration and to compensate for assembly tolerances. Depending on the installation situation, the components can be supplied pre-bent to customer's requirements.

Fields of application in the exhaust gas segment:

  • collecting mains
  • bypass
  • upstream and downstream of the turbocharger
  • charge air
  • gas pipes
  • exhaust gas return and bypass pipes
  • fuel lines
Product overview for piping and piping systems

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